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We are now in the 10th week of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Virtual Visitors has done well to help people from all around Canada! Helping people has always been the main priority of Virtual Visitors, and through team trainings and discussion among volunteers and coordinators, there is another group of individuals who we would like to reach out to!

When Virtual Visitors was started, the intention was to find people willing to help those feeling lonely or those in need of conversation. However, it was a pleasant surprise to see how talented our volunteers are! In the spirit of growth and helping those in our communities, Virtual Visitors would like to unveil Group Events.

A lot of us have either taken up a new hobby or finally had the time to really invest some time into an existing hobby. There are definitely some questions we have about these hobbies, so Virtual Visitors would like to invite you to come attend a group event in the next few weeks to potentially learn something new!

The format of these events will be an open forum where a volunteer will host the event to teach a concept or two, and discussion about the topic!

How many readers have taken up painting, but cannot figure out how to blend two colours without it looking a little too muddy?

What about those of us trying to keep the strength and muscle we have worked hard for, but now we're doing pull ups on with the kitchen table?

Have you started running, but your low back, hips, knees, ankles, and even your toes are sore? Let's have a chat to talk about how to fix these pains and how to prevent them in the future.

Do you want to try your hand at baking cookies? I have, and they came out as one big puddle of cookies- I must have forgotten a few ingredients.

How do I find the "C" chord on my piano when it doesn't have eighty-eight keys?

What is a good vegetable or plant to start summer gardening with?

Did you get inspired to clean out an area in your flat, but now you're looking wondering where to buy feng shui?

If any you identify with any of these statements, go over to the "Events" section on our site to RSVP to one or more of the events!

See you soon,


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