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If you're on this website, it's for one of two reasons, you're interested in finding a visitor, or you're looking to become one. In both cases, the root cause is something that is becoming glaringly apparent, especially in recent times- social interaction, and social support, are incredibly important and necessary in our daily lives.

With the recent physical distancing measures, we have had to become flexible in how we interact with one another- visiting friends and loved ones from a distance, or learning how to entertain ourselves in private. However, for a great deal of people, social isolation is brutal, and unbearable. It can bring out the worst feelings of loneliness.

We started this program after recognizing that this loneliness can ultimately lead to anxiety, depression, and other health issues. Though some people are living with loved ones, or are able to visit from a distance, others are not so fortunate. Virtual Visitors aims to bridge that gap by providing social support to those who need it the most in the form of Virtual Visitors, and allow people to make connections and feel supported, even with physical distancing measures in place.

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